Making Waves at the Drowning Pond

by Andrew Antle

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released April 28, 2011

Andrew Antle - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, 8-track, Baritone Saxophone, Banjo, Glockenspiel




Andrew Antle Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Seeing You for Who You Really Are
I'd like to get excited about anything, but I can't
Waiting for phone calls from friends who are waiting for me at home
Waiting to kill me

Sad smiles through tired eyes are not enough to make you want to stay
The good times make the bad times worth it, or so they say
That's what they tell me

Every word out of my mouth in this conversation
Trying to get other people to understand you
Is futile

I'm acting like I am going to the bathroom
So I don't have to listen to you anymore.
Track Name: 'A Plague Upon Both Your Houses'
Them dogs been barking and I want to kill them
Sitting here and thinking about you
I want you to never ever change
You know, I wish too much

I mark myself and I mark the days til I'm dead

You've gone away
You've gone away
Nothing I can say
In this world
Can make you come back
I'm on to you

My girlfriend just had my best friend's baby
He or she was dead in her stomach
He said, "I try not to wonder where you are"
And he said, "Your lying ought to lead you home"

Any road can take you home
But roads I've traveled on won't take me anywhere
But to you

You've gone away
You've gone away
Nothing I can say
In this world
Can make you come back
I'm on to you
Track Name: A Judo Master Is Always Kicking My Ass
People in tall buildings scurry round and round
They're making news. I bet, um, let's say
Pound for pound their lives feel so confused

Roving, wandering postmen drift from town to town
Their brains mush, like an, um, let's say
Pound and ground from a sumo wrestling judo master

Why do I always feel like a judo master's punching bag?
Feel like a combat pilot on the rag?
Feel like a tackling dummy covered in worn-out pads?

I checked into clinics just to do the rounds
Like a boxer
In an assless gown that hid my feeding tube

Barely past a week until I found some rounds
Of ammo in an, um, let's say
Lost and found, and put them in that judo master, yeah.
Track Name: It Doesn't Really Matter Anymore
Your friends on the front yard
Shaking their fists

The cops came to greet you, saying
"Cease and desist"

It's sad to see the world agree that
You're better off dead than alone
So I respond with the safety off,
Then on, then turned to stone

Because you were the one
Who was strong enough and
I just couldn't change
But if I'm the one
Who is strong enough,
Then I guess I could change

It doesn't really matter anymore
Track Name: Don't Take It Personally
I've been wasting time
I've been wasting time with you
Life's been so unkind
Life's been so unkind, it's true
Don't know what to say
Every word I think of is a cliché
Don't take it personally
You always have a shitty hand to play

I feel stuff with you
I've been so in love with you
What the hell am I thinking of?
All these shades of grey
Every word I think of is a cliché
Don't take it personally
It seems you've had another shitty day
I don't know what to say

Waking up
What'd that barkeep do to you?
Lying in your own throw-up
Now you've nothing left to spew
Did she think you were a fag?
She probably tried to get you in the sack
I think that you're on crack
Every word I think of is a cliché
Don't take it personally

I've been wasting time
Trying to make this rhyme

Oh, and by the way
My new boyfriend's name is Nick Lachey
I've always known he was gay.
Track Name: 'True Reconcilement Can Never Grow Where Wounds of Deadly Hate Have Pierced So Deep'
Hazard a guess at what it means to be with you again
Made a mess, I cleaned it up, I shined my shoes; but what then?

Left you crying on your porch back in July, again
Think of sweat dried on my thighs, I think of you; but what then?
Track Name: Who Knows?
When I meet you at the grocery
And your parents are out of town
When I meet you in your bedroom
Who knows?
When I meet you in the garden
And we take off all our clothes
And we snort coke up our noses
When I meet you in the garden
Who knows?

Back when we drove up to Cleveland
And we drove each other crazy
With the, "Please just stop complaining"
and the, "Why are you so lazy?"
Here I am at a truck stop
The car is gone and so are you
And so's the road
And so's the boredom
And the things I just can't do

When I meet you by the river
And you say you want to leave
When I meet you by the river
I'm stoned
When I come home from the river
and they say, "Where can she be?"
I just go up to my bedroom
Who knows?
Track Name: Everyone
Everyone you care about will leave you
Filled with doubt
Everyone that you saw was staring back
Through the wall

You gave me your ring, but
Now it don't mean a thing
I'm crying, too
What do you want me to do?
Give up the notes you wrote and
Give up hope

Today I guess I'll end it

Everyone that you love will say
"What were you thinking of?"
Everyone that you hate will clap and say
"We think you're great"

Everyone you think you know
Will say so, so you think so
Do you think so?