Live at the House

by Andrew Antle

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released October 13, 2010

Andrew Antle - Vocals, Guitar




Andrew Antle Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: O! Attila Was a Jerk
Well, I spent all my money in topless bars where the girls aren't topless but the bouncers are. They wore pink bandanas, had bulging arms; O! I never knew my face could start a car alarm. O! that Maker's hit the mark. So, I persecuted mine enemies and I drove them before me mercilessly and I saw the wailing of their kith and kin and I embraced their daughters just like my granddaddy did. O! Attila was a jerk. Well, I'd give up drinking, give up on love; but complete abstention is something I'm incapable of. So, I'll keep on drinking and keep on dreaming of swordsmen in rainbow toupees.
Track Name: Thirteen Idiots
Moved out to Portland. Gave up my job. I play music every night for a bunch of snobs. I killed my girlfriend. It was no big thing. They wrote about me in a magazine. I wake up around two o'clock, and I drink until three; that's thirteen hours when I can't see.
Track Name: A Judo Master Is Always Kicking My Ass
People in tall buildings scurry round and round, they're making news; I bet, um, let's say pound for pound their lives feel so confused. Roaming wandering postmen drift from town to town, their brains mush; like a, um, let's say pound and ground from a sudo wrestling judo master. Why do I always feel like a judo master's punching bag? Feel like a combat pilot on the rag? Feel like a tackling dummy covered in worn out pads? I checked into clinics just to do the rounds, like a doctor, in an assless gown that hid my feeding tube. Barely past a week before I found some rounds of ammo; in a, um, let's say lost and found and put them in that judo master. Yeah.
Track Name: No Name No. 372
Still writing songs that no one wants to hear. Play for free coffee instead of free beer. It's the same fucking joke when I look in the mirror. Still writing music and still feeling let down. Still rotten music. Still playing in bands and the pay still sucks. Still sharing the stage with these same lousy fucks. I'd be long gone if I had any luck at all.
Track Name: []
And all these memories come creeping up behind me when I'm half awake or half asleep like I always am. See the shadows in your curtains, what a pretty dance they make. You're not fooling anyone. As I stumble around your bushes, how many pebbles would it take until I've woken up everyone? And my nemesis comes creeping up behind me when I'm half awake or half asleep like I always am. As I'm staring at your photo, I know your smile is fake. You're not fooling anyone. As I wonder at your window, how many bullets would it take until I've terrified everyone? And my archenemy comes creeping up behind me.