8​-​track Death Metal

by Andrew Antle

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Andrew Antle - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass


released November 9, 2010




Andrew Antle Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Acknowledgements
I'd like to thank you all for coming out
To the show. Just like in the movies,
We'll have a parade. It's good to know.

If I thought it meant anything
I'd be honest and truthful and
Kind and generous and
Gracious and humble but
It doesn't mean anything, so I'm
Violent and spiteful, um,
Oh yes, the acknowledgements;
I think not--I did it all by myself.
Track Name: Mesa Verde
Drove out to the desert
You next to me with a bag of lime
It was a horrible joke, but I had to try to find
A different route to the Mesa Verde campground
I only need one round.
Track Name: Deceit as Caring
We got lost in words
That no one wrote down
Huddled in blankets, turned down
Turning on the cold
Did you ask?
Why didn't you help him?
So he wouldn't have to grow up in this

New wine from old
In no bottle at all

When we get to the funeral
Light yourself on fire
It's the least we can do
In such shabby clothes
We'll light five thousand candles
For every thought we let slip away
Unspoken til the end

And now you say you're late and that it's time to go